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May 13, 2010 · With arena season #8, It seems that the PvP and the warrior boards are filled with questions regarding the 2 core stats for a PvP warrior: Armor Penetration and Strenght. I saw a lot of discussions trying to quickly give the best answer without having to dump a wall of text. Well, I finally dumped that wall of text. While I haven't used the Malvan cores, I can tell you that armor pen in general, with the current state of PvP, is a lost cause. It's hard to tell if armor penetration is necessary due to the state of common PvP and PvE.

May 23, 2012 · MeatBags. Percentages don't add when they stack. This, I believe it is multiplicative. So when you have 10%, 25%, and 40%, the math would be something like the following. In essence, the 3 things mentioned in your post would yield a 59.5% reduction in the enemies armor, rather than a 75% reduction. Still quite a large reduction, however. Jun 29, 2014 · Assuming your abilities actually work with Armor Penetration, building resistance ignored (RI) is the single most significant stat towards maximising your overall damage. However, if your resistance ignored is greater than enemy DR then it does nothing for you.

Why Armor Penetration is the Single Most Important Stat to Build Around. The very first step is always trying to hit the Armor Penetration cap, and then do everything else. The reason for it might be obvious, but I figured it might be helpful to devote an article to the topic. Because in the end Armor Penetration for multiple reasons is the single most important stat to build around. Apr 27, 2017 · Penetration flat out reduces resistance. The thing is that after you reduce it to 0 you don't get benefit from the overpen. SO idealy what you want is getting enough penetration for the gamemode you're in and then get damage. For info, mobs in pve have 9K resist, while they have 18K in dungeons. 18K is also about what light armor users have in pvp.

PVP wise Lets not forget not all ways to gain the penetration are ideal. Hitting 10k penetration on stam build (so without light armor passive) and without access to Major Fracture is not good way to build damage where 10k on light armor build with Major Breach is literally free. But yes, the . Armor Penetration as a stat has been removed since the end of Wrath of the Lich King. It used to reduce the amount of protection a boss had from its armor rating and was useful to all melee classes.