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David Eigenberg, Actor: Sex and the City. David was born on Long Island, New York, and has a younger sister named Betsy and an older sister named Helen, who is also a gifted actor. The family moved to Illinois when David was 4 and moved all around the suburbs of Chicago--Evanston, Northbrook, Aurora, and finally Naperville when the town was nothing more than a suburban farming town of. David Eigenberg (born May 17, 1964) is an American actor.. Eigenberg is best known for his long-running role as Steve Brady on the HBO sit-com, Sex and the City, and for his role as Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann, on NBC's Chicago Fire.

Sex and the City: The Movie. While Steve and Miranda do have a happy marriage, they hit a bump in the road which leads him to having sex with another woman. He begs Miranda to forgive him, but she moves out. But at the end, after six months of marriage therapy, they renew their marriage. Sex and the City 2First appearance: The Man, The Myth, The . Sep 17, 2018 · He’s in! Kyle MacLachlan, who played Charlotte’s ex-husband Trey MacDougal on Sex and the City, would sign on for a third movie — but he has Author: Stephanie Webber.

No, Steve (David Eigenberg) from Sex In the City is not "Squints" in the movie, The Sandlot. Squints is played by Chauncey Leopardi. I too thought it was the same actor. Who is the actor who plays brady hobbs in sex in the city? Joseph Pupo. The actor who played Steve on Sex and the City, David Eigenberg. He also plays Chris Herrmann on Chicago Fire in 2012 & 13.

When the cast of Sex & The City 2 "won" the Razzie® Award for Worst Screen Ensemble of 2010, Eigenberg was the only cast member willing to accept the $4.97 dis-honor. A video of his acceptance can be be seen on the You Tube Razzie channel. If you were (or still are) an avid watcher of “Sex and the City,” you know Brady Hobbes: the young red-headed son of Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady played by actor Joseph Pupo on the HBO show. Now, Pupo is all grown up. Shocking, we know.Author: Julia Brucculieri.