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Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson. Yes he's asked me about letting him give me oral sex, I thought about it but as I mentioned I dont think I would feel comfortable feeling sexual pleasure out of being with him and I think that would be inevitable if I let him lick my pussy. Letting him fuck me . Aug 04, 2010 · Best Answer: My other half loves giving me oral sex more than i enjoy receiving it. When i asked him what he felt (because i was like you and didnt understand why he would actually ask me if he could do it) he said that the main reason he enjoys doing it is because of my reaction and the pure fact he knows im enjoying it.Status: Open.

Mar 01, 2017 · 4 Women Discuss Giving Oral Sex I used to fellate him on a fairly regular basis and one day he asked me to do it without using my teeth. Then he proceeded to give me Author: Rosy Saadeh. Jan 26, 2012 · Guys Confess: the 10 DON'Ts of Oral Sex. (I asked Charles examples of "crazy" oral sex behavior: he cites spitting on it, gently smacking it, dirty talk, rubbing it over her body and face Author: John Ortved.

Whether you are thinking about having oral sex for the first time or just want some more information – read on for tips on how to have oral sex safely and pleasurably, and answers to some of the most common questions. What is oral sex? Oral sex means using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your partners’ genital or anal area. Trust me, if he does the opposite, make sure you don’t stay with this guy as smaller complaints will gradually roll into bigger problems. Look out, he might just be searching for a slave to satisfy his sexual desires and is the least bothered about you. He will not just receive but give too Men do not often like giving oral sex to their partners.Author: Anushree Ghosh.

He performed oral sex on me. This went on for a long time, he would find a reason to give me a spanking which was followed by him making it “all better” by performing oral sex on me or he would just ask me to come and watch TV with him. It didn't matter because it always ended with him rubbing my vagina or performing oral sex on me. Jun 04, 2014 · My boyfriend asked me — yes, asked me — for a blow job, and I suggested sex instead. He started a huge fight because I declined his blow job request and said something about how I Author: Logan Hill.