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Rhaphiolepis indica or the Indian Hawthorn is a bushy, rounded, evergreen shrub with dark green glossy, leathery toothed leaves and panicles of white with pink star shaped flowers in summer that mature to dark blue berries in winter. It is a good plant. The Raphiolepis or Indian Hawthorn should be planted in full sun or partial shade. It is tolerant of most normal soil types, but should be planted in well-drained areas, as it does not do well in soggy or overwatered areas. The Raphiolepis is very drought tolerant, but Shipping to: United States.

Raphiolepis indica 'Oriental Pearl' Oriental Pearl Indian Hawthorn. Description. As a low-growing, evergreen shrub with a dense, compact, rounded habit this dwarf form of Raphiolepis produces an abundance of showy white flowers with prominent pink stamens, from early Autumn through to late Spring. The attractive glossy foliage is dark green in. The best known species is Rhaphiolepis indica (Indian hawthorn) from southern China, grown for its decorative pink flowers, and popular in bonsai culture. Rhaphiolepis umbellata (Yeddo hawthorn) from Japan and Korea has blunter leaves and white flowers. It is the hardiest species, tolerating temperatures down to about −15 °C (5 °F).

Growing Indian Hawthorn in the Home Landscape An Excellent Drought-Resistant Landscape Shrub. By Vanessa Richins Myers. The species name for Indian hawthorne is Rhaphiolepis indica, and most varieties grow to a mature size of 2 to 5 feet in height and width. Well proven for parking lots and along driveways where reflected heat is problematic. Outstanding structural bloomer for back of beds and borders. Suited to making a casual naturalistic privacy screen or sheared into sheared into a more formal hedge. Size is ideal for a small tree in courtyards, urban gardens and in limited front yards.