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Jay-Z I'm A Hustla Baby Lyrics. Let's go Hov! Uh huh, Hov' You, are, not, ready Hov', unstoppable, Dynasty, young Hova. I'm a hustler baby [I'm a hustler] I just want you to know [Wanna let you know] It aint where I been [It aint where I been] But where I'm bout to go [Top of the world!]. I'm a hustler baby, I'm a hustler I just want you to know, wanna let you know It aint where I been, it aint where I been But where I'm bout to go, top of the world! Now I just wanna love you, just wanna love you But be who I am, you know you love me And with all this cash, mo' money, mo' problems You'll forget your man Now give it to me.

Lyrics to 'I'm A Hustler Baby' by DJ Lenny Ducano. Sep 04, 2018 · Let’s face it, I’m a hustler, baby. And so are you. Kay Thrace (not her real name) is a harried in-house counsel at a well-known company that everyone loves to Author: Kay Thrace.