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BSPs are not solely for adults on the autism spectrum; they are meant for any individual whose behaviors consistently interfere with their ability to lead a fulfilling life. For example, informal BSPs may be employed for issues such as anger management, emotional . A "Behavior Support Plan" (BSP) is a plan that assists a member in building positive behaviors to replace or reduce a challenging/dangerous behavior. This plan may include teaching, improved communication, increasing relationships, and using clinical interventions, etc.

BSP stands for Binary Space Partitioning. The BSP files that are used by the Quake software are map files that are used by the games developed with the software. These files contain information about the layout, objects, and map-level resources for the associated gaming application. Support Plan (BSP)? It is a school-based document designed to assist individual students who have experienced harm, are at risk of harm, or have caused harm to others. This may include students who have been. diagnosed with severe behaviour disorders, students who have bullied others, students who have been bullied, students who require.

(view #2) A BSP is a set of libraries offering a hardware abstraction layer to kernel. The BSP enforces a modular design by isolating hardware-specific functionally into a set of libraries that provide an identical software interface to the hardware functions available on an embedded system. A BSP is the central point through which data and funds flow between travel agents and airlines. Instead of every agent having an individual relationship with each airline, all of the information is consolidated through the BSP. Agents make one single payment to the BSP (remittance), covering sales on all BSP Airlines.

BSP--British Standard pipe,for European,Asia,Africa markets,also named BSPP thread connection. NPT--US standard thread connection,National Pipe taper,standard pipe thread in USA,for USA,Canada,South America,etc. NPT threads are common in the United States, BSP threads are widely used in many other countries. BSP is a map file extension used in games such as the Quake series, and games that use the Source engine, such as the Half-Life series and the Portal series..BSP files use binary space partitioning to generate levels that can be rendered quickly while minimizing the number of polygons that need to be redrawn every time the screen refreshes.