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Dec 25, 2011 · They need you to listen. We direct the unmotivated young adult more by asking pertinent questions than giving directives. These questions should be generated from our listening. Listening to the unmotivated young adult who you raised is the most important thing you can do. Most of these young adults have something in their hearts that needs Author: The Purple Rose. Nov 26, 2012 · Recently, I have been hearing from many parents concerned about their 17-21 year old sons. “Joe doesn’t seem to be motivated to complete his college applications!” his mom complained. Bill, in this second year of college, has no clue what to major in. Tom, finished up community college last summer. He has no idea what he wants to do. Max finished college last summer—living at home, his.

Whether your adult child still lives at home or constantly calls you for loans, motivating her to take care of herself can be a challenge. You don't want to leave your child out on the street or in a dire financial situation, but you also can't be a personal bank or put up with a messy houseguest forever. Motivating Young Adults in Life. By Logan Mazzettia. As any discouraged parent of an apathetic, underachieving young adult can tell you; the importance of motivating troubled young adults in life is simply categorized as a crucial, yet nearly unthinkable task. Troubled young adults that lack motivation are susceptible to countless trials, tribulations, and tragic consequences that take place.

Feb 01, 2018 · Yes, these young adults do have a sense of entitlement and a skewed view of the real world, but they can be successful and productive in life. And, they can be motivated! Parents who are willing to take a look inside their own lives will discover that they INDEED DO have power when it comes to launching their children into true independent Author: Michael. How to Help My Young Adult Find their Purpose. Your young adult may be on a path to finding their purpose in life, or they may feel completely lost and unsure of what to do after high school.

Adult Children. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be challenging - even under the best of circumstances. Many young adults living at home are not emotionally or financially ready to live independently. When parent expectations for adult children don't line up with what the child is thinking or doing, conflict can arise. Oct 08, 2009 · How Can I Motivate My Adult Son to Grow Up? Dr George Simon, PhD. Ask Your Own Question! If you don’t let this young man experience his “growing pains” now, he’ll remain an emotional infant forever and you’ll have even more to feel guilty about later on. So, forgive yourself for your past enabling and be prepared to bear the Author: Dr George Simon, Phd.