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Jun 08, 2005 · To litter train a cat, set up a litter box in a spot that's accessible and convenient for your cat. If your cat doesn't use the litter box on its own, bring it to the litter box after a play session or when it wakes up from a nap, which is when cats usually relieve themselves.100%(2). An adult cat that has never been litter box trained can be a little confused when he sees a box. What we can do is start training him to use it, slowly but surely. A cat that was raised without his mother or a surrogate adult cat usually takes more time to learn to eliminate in a litter box. However, it's never too late to train your cat.

Unlike human-wary feral cats, semi-feral cats aren't averse to human interaction. Though not necessarily socialized already, they are less shy around people and may be trained as domestic pets. Between his natural instincts and your welcoming attitude, you can train a semi-feral cat to use the litter box. If the cat urinates on the cat bed, it must be removed. Feed the cat two meals a day, leaving the food down for approximately 20 minutes. Keep a diary; note when the cat uses the litter box. When the cat has been using the box and ONLY THE BOX for 2 weeks, you can begin to allow him access to other rooms in the house a room at a time.

Donate the less preferred litter to your local shelter. If your outdoor cat is conditioned to use only a certain substrate, such as dirt, you can help her transition by mixing the litter with the outdoor substrate; phase out the outdoor soil addition over time so that eventually she's just using kitty litter in the box. Google+. During the training, you, most likely have to scoop the box after every use. Untidy litter box is the number one reason for cats not using the box (link). If you want to train an adult cat to use a litter box, this becomes even more significant. You don’t have to dump the .

Prevent this messy behavior and train your cat to use its litter box properly by making it pleasant and safe to use. Place the litter box in a quiet area of your home that your cat can easily get to at all times. Avoid noisy areas such as a laundry rooms, or inaccessible, dark places such as closets or basements. How to litter train an adult cat. An adult cat (unless they’re feral), will generally know how to use a litter box already. That’s because cats are SMART and BEAUTIFUL. However, there are a couple of tips to make sure Kitty knows where her litter box is and how to use it correctly.Author: Fresh Step.