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Fantasia: host your own Adult Parties. Fantasia Party 1-800-363-6068 contact a consultant to view catalogs online, to purchase home party products or to become a consultant. Adult Sex Toy Parties by Fantasia offers you the opportunity to purchase sensual products, like adult toys, for yourself and your partner within the privacy of your own home and without embarrassment. Today Fantasia Home Parties is still blazing the trail. Our company has the most experience in the entire adult toy party industry.

Home» The Story of Fantasia Home Parties The Story of Fantasia Home Parties (Certified Adult Home Party Association), Fantasia continues to forge the trail and we make it possible for women to be equals in matters of the heart, personal pleasure, or providing income for themselves and family. Some of us do it in pink high heels or. T 1-800-363-6068 Email: [email protected] Fantasia 103-101 Omer Deserres Blainville, J7C 0C9 Open in Google Maps.

Fantasia Home Parties, in business for over 25 years, sells adult products such as adult toys and spa products at home parties. At a Fantasia adult toy party, a Fantasia Romance Consultant displays products and then takes orders in private so that guests’ selections can remain personal.