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Naturally, being up very late can make it VERY difficult to wake up within the parameters of the person's daily schedule, i.e. a sufferer of delayed sleep phase syndrome who is unable to sleep before 2 to 4 am will subsequently have a real difficulty, or even complete inability, to wake up at a "normal" time the following day (or the necessary time for work or school). Aug 20, 2005 · My hubby kids me that I have my days and nights mixed up lately! And I think I do!! For example: night before last, I went to bed at 2:30 am and did not go to sleep right away, so it was probably 3:30 a.m. before I was asleep.

CSAW, My mom gets up several times during the night too. She also "sundowns" and mutters and says she wants to die. It can get very loud that I can't sleep. My mom also gets day and night mixed up too. Tonight is the first night we are using a night Aide. I need sleep!!!!! How To Help A Baby With Days And Nights Mixed Up. Young babies, especially newborns, often have their days and nights mixed up. Many babies tend to be awake at night while in the womb, while they sleep comfortably during the day when mom walks around. It can take a little while for the baby to get used to being awake during day time instead.

mixed up day and night. ebayaddict posted: Has anyone else had this happen? My internal clock wants to stay up all night then sleep through the day. I remember it happening once before when I was cycling from really depressed to slightly manic but not since. I don't think I'm really cycling that much right now. This a problem with the elderly sometimes they like to take a long afternoon nap and are not tired at nighttime. Make the area as dark as you are able to at bedtime aometimes a ritual like maybe a walk outside will help them get ready for bed maybe you need to extend their day by 1 hr. or have a glass of warm milk before bed -if you can get someone to come in for maybe 2 hrs. before bedtime to.

May 20, 2007 · I have my nights and days mixed up! How can I get back on track? Im starting a new job in a week that requires me to be up at around 7am. I've been falling asleep at six in the morning so I have to do something to get me back on track. Im twenty years old, and I dont have medical insurance so I cant really go to the doctor about this.Status: Open. If your baby has night and day mixed up -- you probably have too! Here's some great information on baby sleep, and what you can do to help your.