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Download these free Christmas Bible study lessons for all ages from LifeWay's three ongoing Bible study lines: Bible Studies for Life, Explore the Bible, and The Gospel Project. LifeWay wants to serve your groups with free Christmas Bible study lessons for kids, students, and adults from each of our. Top 10 Christmas Bible Studies. Kristen Cloyd Page 1 of 2. The Christmas season is rich with opportunities to learn about God's love for us and praise him for the gift of his Son. Life Lessons.

This November and December you can take a close look at the Stories of Christmas. Select studies from the popular Bible Stories for Adults series are used to dive into the true story of when God sent His Son as a baby. Since each week looks into a separate Bible Story, you can join whenever you can – for one story or for all ten. Discover Gods plan for you through this Christmas Bible study. One of our adult Sunday School lessons based on Luke 1-2. [?]Subscribe To This Site. Discovering Gods Plan. Bible Passage: Luke 1-2. a young virgin; chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus.

Bible charts that cover how the books of the Bible are organized and how they fit into the timeline are great helps to go along with any Bible lessons for adults.. Always start with prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Remember - God's Word is living and He wants to speak to you personally. A Christmas Bible Study Lesson of Hope. The holidays can be the hardest for so many people. This Christmas Bible study lesson is meant to bring hope into lives that may be wondering if God has forgotten. It is a reminder to all of us that God is faithful no matter what we .

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