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Our Adult Day Training program, serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, offers interesting activities, field trips, socialization opportunities and vocational skills training for recent high school graduates, young adults and senior learners. Our Adult Day Training Program is our largest program area supporting adults in self-enrichment programs, pre-vocational training, life skills training, and in earning a pay check. All of the programs are designed to assist individuals in meeting their personal goals and desires.

Adult Day Training. A central location for providing services designed to improve social, daily living and job skills. We provide both offsite and onsite. Offsite - We are assisting individuals to volunteer at Metropolitan Ministries, America's Second Harvest and Ronald McDonald House. We have in the past volunteered at A Gift for Teaching and. Adult Day Training. The Adult Day Training (ADT) program utilizes outcome-based opportunities that explore each person’s strengths as well as their expressed hopes and dreams. On a daily basis, observations and interactions occur with all participants to ensure the services they receive are person-centered and meet their expectations.

Most of the friends we serve participate in our Adult Day Training Program (ADT). This program is the heartbeat of our agency, and is formally identified by APD as “Life Skills Development – Level 3.” Our desire is for each individual to experience meaningful activities that further develop their skills of . Adult Day Training Program. Individuals with disabilities who need a more supervised environment with which to thrive find the Adult Day Training (ADT) program the perfect solution.

Angelwood’s Adult Day Training (ADT) program is located in the Career Development and Education Center. It offers vocational and prevocational opportunities through this art based program. The program participants are able to develop skills that will help them gain more independence with the hopes of active employment in the future. Adult day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, .