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The other struggles I had learning pointe as an adult ballet dancer is really, to find an adult pointe class. They are so rare because of all the requirements for pointe: commitment to dancing and a good teacher, most of all. And of course, in most countries the majority of people learning ballet aren’t the adults. Hopefully that will change. It’s a dream for many adult students to progress to pointe. It certainly isn’t expected when joining an adult ballet class, but it’s a possibility for the most dedicated dancers. If you’re considering dancing on pointe, talk to your teacher.

The Adult Open Division is designed for adult dancers of all ages and abilities. The drop-in schedule allows for flexibility and variety offers a great workout for a student has years of dance experience or who wants to learn dance for the first time. Broche Ballet is an adult ballet studio, specializing in adult ballet classes for all levels. We also offer yoga and dance studio rentals in Denver, Colorado.

Hi Everyone I am a brand-spanking-new adult ballet student with little practical knowledge and many ignorant questions. I started the journey long before finally taking the plunge to attend my first adult beginner class two weeks ago, much with the help of the senior members on this forum. Over t. Ballet for Adults is dedicated to posting original content and providing inspiration to the adult classical ballet community. Discover new looks and shop products you love from the world’s top brands and retailers. Keep going, keep growing, with the Grace + Style of a dancer.

Ballet for adults. Of all the dances you can attend classes in, Ballet dancing seems to be the one that people most admire, and yet stay furthest away from. It is seen as necessarily exclusive – the world of the privileged few. It is the dance that fascinates the most and yet includes the fewest. We teach ballet exclusively and adults exclusively. We have four levels of ballet for adults, as well as a beginning pointe class and ballet exercise classes. We also teach a variations class intermittently during the year. Check the schedule for updates. The Ballet Studio offers prospective students a complimentary placement class.